Friday, November 20, 2009

Music Spot - The Gift of The Trees - Xavier Rudd

If you don't know Xavier Rudd, check him out! An Aussie environmentalist and campaigner for indigenous rights, he is a one man band and a great inspiration. Below is a sample of his lyrics taken from 'The Gift of The Trees'.

I'm disgusted at times, by things that I see,
Like mountains with holes, where trees used to be...
And I'm disgraced here and there, when I look to the sea,
All the pollution we feed her, well some comes from me...
And I'm uneasy at times, on the bridges I cross,
When palings are missing, and things are in knots...
So I guess I should say, this is all that I need,
Music and you and the gift of the trees.



  1. Incredible man! Incredible messages in his music. Great to see live!


  2. I love that man. He is such a genuine spirit. Everything he does comes from his heart. When u see him live, it is such a healing experience. He releases all the negative and fills your soul up with love sweet love +:-)