Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photography Competition Winner!


It was a very close competition with many amazing pictures submitted. Wan Ting's picture was chosen as a winner for her interesting use of light, superb photographic skill and her explanation of why she chose this picture;

"I took the photo while scuba-diving in Fiji. The marine life there is amazing and this is taken at a site called North Saventech, where lots of pelagic fish hangs around to feed. It was just awesome seeing such a sight with my own eyes. It was also my first time seeing such a majestic scene in real life so I took hundreds of photos in hopes of capturing the moment perfectly."

Runners Up include Donovan Saw Tuan Li, 16 from SJII and James Tong of Tanglin Trust School, age 13.

Donovan: "On the day the picture was taken, I was granted a rare opportunity (as a city dweller) to witness what nature had to truly offer – a beautiful sunset. What struck me about this picture is how the rays of light was filtered out by the clouds, which fell softly on to the ocean surface, and the almost perfect symmetry of the clouds, with the sun in the centre.
I was marvelled by nature’s ability to create a perfect scene (as if it were digitally created) with just random, dynamic props. Then, I was consumed by a dark feeling – Is this what we have been missing all along? Is this what we have been destroying all along? Can we bear to never see such clarity and effortless perfection again?"

James:Black and Yellow - This picture was taken in England over Easter, I took with a 90mm macro lens. My favorite thing about it is the level of detail in this shot. It was taken with a f-stop of f/5 and and exposure of 1/800.

Special mention also goes to Nicole Teng, Nancy Teng, Clare Lee, Mackenzie Foord and Syafiq Baki for their excellent entries.

Thanks to everyone who sent in images- it was a truly hard decision for all of the judges to pick a winner as we had so many amazing shots to choose from. Congratulations once again to Wan Ting who wins a turtle t-shirt!


  1. Hello, just a minor correction, Wan Ting is from RJC and not SJII. Thanks!

  2. Excellent work everyone!! We were so impressed with how much talent was out there :)